domingo, 7 de dezembro de 2008

Innocens - A fragile girl

As a teardrop fragile Fay I'm spinnin' around
There are things I couldn't even touch I don't know why
I guess there must be some
To wash away my tears
I guess there must be someone
Without those fears

Can I feel all the rhythm divine
Dream once again

I pretended courage but with empty hands
That time I was at still I'm
At the wrong place
With no weapon I am tryin' to find my way
That's not too hard to say that
I'm a bit scared

Defend me, hold me near
Guide me, lead me, please

I'm at loss for words sometimes even without breath
That's the way it is so long and
I can't dare
There are angels everywhere so wonder why
Why they're not livin' only
On the sky

- Mariane Schmitz ♥

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